SWAM Saint John 2020-2021

Executive Board

VP Internal: Alyssa Dickinson

Program: Year 2 at Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick

I am thrilled to be a member of the S.W.A.M. Saint John team again this year. I started volunteering with the S.W.A.M. program one year ago, and in that short time, it has easily become the highlight of my week. The energy in the pool every week is like no other, and all of the families are so appreciative of the program, which makes the experience truly rewarding. I am looking forward to another great year ahead with the S.W.A.M. team!

VP External: Kathleen MacMillan

Program: Year 2 at Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick

I began volunteering for S.W.A.M. Halifax in 2016 (formerly Making Waves/Swim Ability) and loved it so much that I have been involved with S.W.A.M. ever since. Upon moving to Saint John to start Medical School, I immediately became involved with the S.W.A.M. Saint John Chapter as a volunteer. S.W.A.M. is my favourite part of the week; I love working with swimmers and making connections with them and their families. I am very excited to be part of the executive team this year!

VP Communications/Media: Megumi Gates

Program: Year 2 at Dalhousie Medicine New Brunswick

This is my second year volunteering with S.W.A.M. Saint John and I am so excited to be on the executive team! I always look forward to Sundays every week at the pool. My favourite part of S.W.A.M. is watching the children become more and more comfortable in the water!  I will be managing all of the social media accounts for S.W.A.M. Saint John this year. Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram!

VP Financial: Lauren Hartland

Program: Biology-Psychology, Year 4 at UNB Saint John

I started volunteering for S.W.A.M. Saint John in my second year of university and fell in love with the program. Sundays started becoming my favourite day of the week, as I could not wait to see all of the children’s smiling faces. Over the past two years of being a SWAM instructor, I have learned that there are many different aspects of S.W.A.M. that makes the program work so well and which makes it so special. I am excited to be apart of this year’s exec team and cannot wait to see what this year of S.W.A.M. has to offer.